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Kalispell Smoke Damage – It Can Be Cleaned! Call Us Today 406-755-7269

Kalispell Smoke Damage

Where there’s smoke…There’s a lot more than meets the eye.  Types of smoke vary as much as the fires that produce them.

A clear understanding of how smoke was created and what it contains is vital to Smoke Restoration Technicians.

Monday morning, an insured calls about an accident over the weekend.  Absorbed in the big game Sunday afternoon, a pan of chicken was left frying a little too long.  By the time the homeowners noticed the smoke, the flames have set fire to the cabinets, and attempts to extinguish the flames with water only make the situation worse.  Finally, remembering the extinguisher in the wash-room, the fire is put out.  Unfortunately, the damage has already been done.  Now it’s up to the adjuster and the restoration contractor to decide what can be restored and what should be replaced.

There is more to smoke damage remediation than meets the eye.  At first glance, many surfaces that appear only lightly affected may require more specialized treatment to remedy, or may be beyond recovery.  On the other hand, materials seemingly beyond repair may be salvageable, if proper techniques are used.  In both cases, a full understanding of smoke is essential: the different types, how they are produced, what they are comprised of, and the remediation options available in each instance.

Types of smoke………just so you can get an idea of the complexities of smoke restoration.

  1. Wet Smoke Residue
  2. Dry Smoke Residue
  3. Plastic or Rubber Smoke Residue
  4. Protein Residue
  5. Fuel Oil Residue

Because different types of smoke can behave in different ways, an educated understanding of how it was produced, what it is made up of, and the restoration option available is vital when deciding when to replace or remediate damaged materials.  Speaking with a Certified and knowledgeable Restoration Professional is always recommended.  For more thorough information on this, Please contact Rainbow International Restoration.


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