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Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration – Let Rainbow Handle Your Crisis

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Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration is a Serious matter.


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If you have any sort of Fire Damage you know it can be a pain in the butt to fix it and get the smoke and smell out.

The last thing you want to see your house doing is this:Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration Burning House

And then the after effects look like this:
Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Facts reported in 2001

There were over 1,734,500 Reported fires of which 521,500 Occurred in Structures and 76% of all structural fires are residential.

Over $44,023,000,000 (that’s billion) dollars worth of structural damage in U.S.

Fire killed more Americans than all natural disasters combined.

As tragic as it is, Fires still occur almost daily here in the Flathead Valley and beyond. Rainbow International Restoration has proven over the years to be the most educated, knowledgeable, and relied upon Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration Company in N.W. Montana.

When a fire occurs the Fire Department deploys their personnel and firefighting equipment to the scene and hopefully is able to keep the loss to a minimum.

After the fire is out, Call Rainbow for your Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration and we will be on site to board up all openings to guard against theft and possible unauthorized entrance by any bystanders.

After meeting with the property-owner and the insurance adjuster we can begin the remediation/demolition process if any. After it is determined what can be saved and what must be thrown out. The real cleaning begins.

Structurally, everything will need to be cleaned using only the latest and best in fire and smoke damage restoration procedures.

We enlist the use of many different products and equipment to clean salvageable items.

Besides the myriad of different products we use, we also use equipment like the Thermo-fogger, High-end O-zone purification machines, Commercial sized Ultra-sonic cleaning machine, Dry-ice Blasting for removing burnt/charred wood, chemical sprayers, and Restorer Odor Neutralizing Systems. All this can be done at our facility where personal belongings can be secured and run through our cleaning system.

If you want the Kalispell Fire Damage Restoration Experts to Help you and get things fixed quickly and efficiently, then call us today and we’ll come to you.

Call 406-755-7269 TODAY!

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